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Ikony kultury

Pedro Almodovar

  • Lentz Villa
  • 25-03-2023, Saturday, at 5:00 pm -
  • 25-03-2023, Saturday, at 8:00 pm -
  • 26-03-2023, Sunday, at 5:00 pm -

Please join us for our next concert in the cycle ICONS OF CULTURE. This time, our protagonist is Pedro Almodovar.

The performers will be: Polish Berlin-based actress Anja Antonowicz, Katarzyna Polonek (of Berlin Piano Trio), and Szczecin guitarist Jakub Kościuszko. Together, they have developed a concept of presenting jewels of Spanish music (beautifully arranged for the cello and guitar) along with monologues from Almodovar’s films presented by internationally renowned actress Anja Antonowicz, known, among others, from the TV series The Crown (Netflix). The resulting project crosses the boundaries of artistic disciplines. It is eminently Spanish, but at the same time international because of its universal message and content, combining Spanish music, flamenco, and film soundtracks.
Pedro Almodovar is one of the best known and most highly regarded Spanish film directors worldwide, whose productions have continued to delight both fans and critics all over the world for several dozen years. His achievements have been recognised with the most important film industry awards, including an Academy Award for the Best Original Screenplay (Talk to Her) and another for the Best Foreign Language Film (All About My Mother). Almodovar is known for his unconventional attitude to life, which finds its reflection in his extraordinary, spectacular productions.

Thoroughly recommended.
Tickets available from:
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Ikony Kultury - Pedro Almodovar
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