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Regulations for visiting and participating in events organised at the Lentz Villa

§1 – Definitions

The following terms used in the text of the Regulations should be understood as follows:
  • Villa – the building of the historic Villa Lentz, located at al. Wojska Polskiego 84 in Szczecin with the garden,
  • Organiser – the Lentz Villa cultural institution or other entity organising the event at the Villa,
  • Visitors – individuals visiting individually and in organised groups,
  • Participants of the events – people participating in the events organised at the Villa (applies to the building and the garden)
  • Lentz Villa employee – a person employed for Lentz Villa's activities, regardless of the legal basis of employment.

§2 – Opening days and hours for visitors

  • The Villa can be visited with or without a guide.
  • The condition for the tour is to present a ticket purchased for a specific type of visit and a specific date and time via the Internet system or – depending on the availability of places – at the Villa's ticket office or other indicated place.
  • Individual and guided tours take place following the schedule available on the Lentz Villa website.
  • Tours for groups of more than 15 people are possible after booking the date via email or by phone at +48 91 8448282. The date should be booked at least three weeks before the planned visit and requires confirmation of the availability of the facility by an employee of the Villa. After confirming the date, an email will be sent to the email address to confirm the reservation and a link to pay via the online payment system.
  • In the situation referred to in para. 4 above, the payment should be made at least seven days before the planned date of the visit. In the event of non-payment, the reservation is automatically cancelled, and the pool of tickets goes on sale.
  • The Villa is open to visitors from Tuesday to Saturday at the hours indicated on the website; taking into account paragraph 8 of this section; the last entry must be no later than 45 minutes before closing.
  • To ensure safety and proper comfort of visiting, the number of people visiting the Villa at any one time may not exceed 15 persons. In the case of tours by visiting groups, the organised conditions of the visit will be agreed upon with the tour operator each time.
  • In special cases, a temporary closure of the Villa or excluding part of the exhibition from visiting may be ordered. Information on the temporary closing or excluding part of the exhibition will be posted on Villa's website.

§ 3 The price list of tickets and the rules of granting discounts in fees

  • Tickets for individual tours – price / 1 person
    • A tour without a guide
      • Regular ticket – PLN 15.00
      • Reduced ticket – PLN 10.00
      • A ticket for five zlotys -- PLN 5.00
    • Guided tours:
      • Regular ticket – PLN 25.00
      • Reduced ticket – PLN 20.00
      • A ticket for five zlotys – PLN 5.00
  • Group tickets – over 10 people – price / 1 person
    • A tour without a guide
Group ticket – PLN 10.00
  • Guided tours
Group ticket – PLN 20.00
*Ticket prices include VAT.
  • The following persons are entitled to purchase discount tickets upon presentation of relevant documents:
    • Children and adolescents up to 18 years of age,
    • Students,
    • Retirees and pensioners,
    • Persons with a certified disability and their guides,
    • Activists of the anti-communist opposition and people repressed for political reasons, based on a document issued by the Veterans and Victims of Oppression Office,
    • Members of unions and artistic associations: SARP, STGU, ZAR, ZPAF, ZPAP,
    • ISIC and EURO26 cardholders,
    • users of the Szczecin Tourist Card
  • The following persons are entitled to purchase tickets for five zlotys upon presentation of relevant documents:
    • Seniors over 75 years of age,
    • Lecturers of art universities and art historians,
    • Students of art, architecture, art history, monument conservation and cultural studies,
    • Students of art and music schools,
    • Members of the organisations: AICA, SHS, CIMAM and IKT,
    • Art gallery and museum staff.
  • A person entitled to purchase a concessionary ticket or the five zlotys ticket should show a Villa employee or a person designated by the employee a valid document confirming the right to use the concession for sightseeing together with an ID card or other identity confirming document. In the absence of a document entitling them to purchase a discounted ticket, the visitor is obliged to exchange the purchased ticket for a regular one at the Villa's ticket office.
  • A single ticket for the Villa tour entitles you to visit the temporary and permanent exhibitions presented at the Villa.

§4 – Tour order and rules

  • Visitors are obliged to comply with these Regulations and follow the guide's comments and recommendations and those of the Villa's employees.
  • Visitors are required to observe the visiting hours according to the visiting schedule. The purchased ticket entitles you to a one-time entry to the Villa for a specific date and time indicated on the ticket.
  • When visiting the Villa, it is forbidden to photograph with a flash, eat, drink, smoke, litter and disturb public order.
  • Taking photos must not disturb the public order or make it difficult for others to visit or view the exhibits.
  • Photographing and filming the elements of security systems at the exhibits and exhibition halls is forbidden.
  • In the event of doubts regarding the nature of the photo or film being taken, the Villa employee is to make the final decision in this regard. A Villa's employee may at any time order a visitor to refrain from taking photos or filming if they are not taken following the provisions of these Regulations.
  • It is forbidden to touch any exhibits in the Villa, except for multimedia devices installed in the exhibitions and used for interactive sightseeing.
  • Visitors can use the free cloakroom, with Lentz Villa stating that it is not responsible for any left items.

§5 – Rules for participation in cultural and educational events

  • In the case of cultural or educational events organised by the Lentz Villa, such as special temporary exhibitions, educational events, concerts or other events, the Lentz Villa reserves the right to establish different admission rules than those described above. These conditions will be announced on the website.
  • Participants of the events in the Villa building are required to leave their outerwear and more oversized luggage and umbrellas in the free cloakroom. However, the Lentz Villa is not responsible for any items left there.
  • Seats for events organised on the Villa's premises, including in the garden, may not be numbered. The type (chairs, armchairs, benches, cushions, etc.) and the number of seats may vary for each event. Seats are occupied as the audience grows. The Lentz Villa reserves the right to reserve some places for invited guests, artists and the media.

§6 – Data protection

The visitor and the participant of the events agree to be photographed and filmed (image recording). The administration of the Lentz Villa has the right to any free and unlimited time and territorial use of the image of event participants, particularly for promotional and information purposes on the website and the social profiles of the Lentz Villa, as well as for sharing the created documentation with third parties, in particular the City of Szczecin, sponsors or partners.

§7 – Final provisions

  • It is forbidden to enter the Villa to persons who are drunk or behaving in a way that could endanger the safety of the collections or other visitors or participants of events, as well as violating generally accepted standards of behaviour in public places.
  • The administration of the Lentz Villa reserves the right not to accept or ask to leave an organised group or individuals who do not comply with the provisions of these Regulations without reimbursement of the costs incurred for the purchase of the ticket (s).
  • It is forbidden to bring animals into the Villa and the adjacent garden, except for a specially marked assistance dog.
  • Purchase of a ticket for a visit or a cultural event or booking an appointment means acceptance of the provisions of these Regulations by visitors and event participants.
  • The Lentz Villa implements an accessibility policy for people with special needs. The declaration of availability can be found on the website