Dni Współpracy Polsko-Niemieckiej w Willi Lentza

W dniach od 20 do 24 października br., odbędą się organizowane przez Miasto Szczecin Dni Współpracy Polsko-Niemieckiej (DWPN). O tegorocznych spotkaniach podkreślających transgraniczną współpracę Szczecina z niemieckimi Miastami i Partnerami Prezydent Piotr Krzystek powiedział, że będą one w tym roku …..szczególną okazją do uczczenia 30-lecia podpisania traktatu o dobrym sąsiedztwie i przyjaznej współpracy, który stworzył fundament bliskich, solidnych i partnerskich relacji pomiędzy oboma krajami (
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Concert of the Błoto band

The Błoto band performed at the Lentz Villa on Saturday evening.
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Amber Ring 2021

  • The performance of "1888. The Villa of Love"
  • Arkadiusz Buszko, for his role in the performance of "1888. Villa of Love"

In the plebiscite "Amber Ring" (Bursztynowy Pierścień) for the best performance and actor of the 2020/2021 artistic season, there are, among the nominees, the play entitled "1888. Willa miłość" – prepared for the inauguration of the Lentz Villa and Arkadiusz Buszko, who performed one of the leading roles. "Amber Ring" has been organized by Kurier Szczeciński and Friends of Szczecin Society since 1965.
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Sacrum Non Profanum

On Thursday, September 30, as part of the 18th International Sacrum Non Profanum Music Festival, screenings of films took place – "Paderewskiego życie po życiu", directed by Stefan Szlachtycz and "10 wspaniałych", directed by Leszek Szopa.
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Tymon Chruściel in concert

During Saturday evening, as part of the JUVENUM HORTUS project and the CHOPIN AT THE LENTZ VILLA series, Tymon Chruściel – winner of many international piano competitions, multiple scholarship holder of the President of Szczecin and the Minister of Culture and National Heritage – performed. The concert, warmly received by the audience, ended with encores. During one of the encores, the young artist also played his own miniature entitled "Fantasy for Piano".
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Saturday at Lentz Villa

On Saturday, September 25, we were visited by the en plein-air and discussion panel participants.
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The participants of the highly acclaimed TANGO & VILLA program became engrossed and captivated on an artistic journey through the world of tango. As it transpired, the artists and experts of tango became the perfect guides for their audience on this adventure.
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Kontrapunkt by night - 1888. The Villa of Love

On Sunday, September 5th, as part of the Small Form Theater Review – Kontrapunkt, the performance of "1888. The Villa of Love" was shown. The action of the play, in which actors of Szczecin theatres can be seen, takes place in a villa at the end of the 19th century and introduces the audience to "the hidden secrets of the Lentz family, their house, and the scattered facts from their lives".
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Lentz Villa inspires

On Saturday, August 28th, we were visited by participants of the en plein-air, discussion panel and evening meetings with music. In addition, the en plein-air attracted new participants.
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Queen of Baroque at the Lentz Villa

The Sunday concert at the Lentz Villa was the culmination of the ten-day International MEISINGER Music Festival.

End of summer holidays at the Lentz Villa

On the final Saturday of August (28/08/2021), we are pleased to invite you to the garden of the Lentz Villa!
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Meisinger Music Festival

Next Sunday, the Lentz Villa will host another event presented as part of the Meisinger Music Festival.
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Chopin at Villa Lentz - a concert by Andrzej Wierciński

Even after the last Chopin chords had been played, music lovers were still reflecting and admiring Andrzej Wierciński's masterful playing and impeccable technique.
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Meisinger Music Festival

The first festival evening presented as part of the Meisinger Music Festival, and held at the Lentz Villa, is now behind us. The evening consisted of two excellent interpretations of piano concertos by W.A. Mozart (in A major KV 414 and C major KV 415) performed by pianist Tomasz Lis, as well as French compositions by Claude Debussy and Gabriel Fauré performed by soprano singer Iwona Sobotka which gained great applause from the audience, and as a result prompted the artists to give three encores. The concert was also attended by the "Poland baROCK" Baroque Orchestra, and the whole event was conducted by the Festival Director, Krzysztof Meisinger.
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Cruise from Venice to Padua

The Villa Lentz recently held a baroque regatta, during which the musicians of the combined Szczecin Vocal Project and Consortium Sedinum, led by Paweł Osuchowski, presented the madrigal comedy by Adriano Banchieri (1568-1634) "La Barca da Venezia per Padova", to a packed house.
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Lentz Villa inspires

Last Saturday was full of exciting events!
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Almanac 2022. Szczecin's Westend and the Lentz Villa

The Lentz Villa has begun to cooperate with Marek Łuczak, PhD. The aim of this cooperation will be to produce a published Almanac, scheduled to be published in 2021, on the history of Szczecin's Westend, the history of the Lentz Villa, and other residences in Wojska Polskiego Alley. The Almanac will present the history of this unique district and the people associated with it.
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The exhibition "Lentz Villa. History (a)new" in the company of the exhibition's curators - Maciej Słomiński and Michał Dębowski

On July 15th, 2021, the exhibition "Lentz Villa. History (a)new" was presented in the company of the exhibition curators – Maciej Słomiński and Michał Dębowski. Visitors were given, among other things, the history of Szczecin's Westend, the history of the monument creation, the fate of its inhabitants and the scope of the conservation and restoration works.
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Andrzej Tobis exhibition "A–Z (report 2019/2020)" accompanied by its curator - Stanisław Ruksza

The exhibition created by Andrzej Tobis "A-Z was received with unflagging interest from visitors. Recently, the guests of the Lentz Villa were able to see a collection of Mr Tobis' photographs, created on the basis of the illustrated Polish-German dictionary "Bildworterbuch Deutsch und Polnish", in the company of the exhibition curator, Stanisław Ruksza.
Lentz Villa

Memories from the Inauguration

A month has passed since the official opening of the new Szczecin cultural institution – the Lentz Villa.
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"Magazyn VIP" about the Lentz Villa

On the "Magazyn VIP" website, there is a report on the ceremonial opening of the Lentz Villa. Among other things, it includes information about the premiere of the theatrical performance "1888. Villa of Love" directed by Paweł Niczewski and the premiere of "Papricoso stettinese della una Villa" by the Baltic Neopolis Orchestra conducted by Krzesimir Dębski.
Lentz Villa Guests

Alicja Węgorzewska and Plácido Domingo Jr. at the Lentz Villa

At the invitation of the President of Szczecin, Piotr Krzystek, the world-famous vocalists – Alicja Węgorzewska and Plácido Domingo Junior were the guests of the Lentz Villa on Wednesday, June 30th 2021. The previous day, both musicians participated in a concert organized in Szczecin to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Astor Piazzolla's birth.
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Musicorum Hortus at Villa Lentz

In the gardens of the Lentz Villa, compositions by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy were presented as part of the MUSICORUM HORTUS (Music Garden) series. The Orchestra conducted by Paweł Osuchowski performed the famous 4th Symphony in A major, Op. 90 (Italian) and theatre music to William Shakespeare's comedy A Midsummer Night's Dream, Op. 21 and Op. 61. The overture to this play was premiered in Szczecin in 1827. Therefore, it is safe to say that Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy’s work returned to our city after 194 years.
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Juvenum Hortus at the Lentz Villa

The first concert organized as part of the JUVENUM HORTUS (Young Garden) series was held in the gardens of the Lentz Villa. This concert presented the achievements of young instrumentalists from the SAXADEMUS QUARTET ensemble. Apart from listening to compositions from different eras and transcriptions of classical and popular music works, the audience were introduced to the history of the saxophone. This instrument was created more or less at the same time as the concept of building the Lentz Villa in Szczecin was being finalized.

Vinyl version of the album with the symphony "Polonia" by Ignacy Jan Paderewski

The Paderewski Symphony in B Minor, Op. 24 'Polonia', performed by Lviv National Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, with Bohdan Boguszewski as conductor, was created thanks to the cooperation of the Lviv National Philharmonic and PSI Academia.

Zapraszamy na koncerty

Nie milkną echa inauguracji działalności Willi Lentza, a my przygotowaliśmy już dla Państwa kolejne muzyczne atrakcję. W sobotę, 26 czerwca br., w ogrodach rezydencji odbędą się dwa koncerty.
Lentz Villa


If you wish to visit the Lentz Villa, we would like to inform you that regular tours of the facility will start on Wednesday, 23rd June 2021. Individual and guided tours are possible, both of which require arrival before or on the appointed time.

Relacje z inauguracji


Entrance tickets to the Lentz Villa

From noon on June 9th this 2021, a link will be available to download tickets for the events organized at the Lentz Villa as part of the inauguration on June 11th – 13th, 2021.
Tickets will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Koncerty na żywo

Dzięki transmisji online, umożliwimy Państwu uczestnictwo w wybranych wydarzeniach prezentowanych w ramach inauguracji działalności Willi Lentza. Przygotowaliśmy bowiem live streaming następujących koncertów:

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June 11th-13th, 2021

We invite you to the inauguration of the new cultural institution.
Ticket bookings begin on Wednesday, June 9th 2021 – from noon.

Villa Nova? Just like Szczecin!

Picture this, one Villa which can stand as a representation and symbol for the whole of Szczecin! Within the history of this building can be seen the history of the city, and therefore what has made Szczecin the city that it is today. Demonstrating growth and fall, greatness and decline, cultural highs and lows, political changes both local and international as well as standing witness to the great social changes that have swept the land upon which it sits. This multi-layered and contrasting fate of the Villa serves as a symbolic, and on times verging upon the grotesque’ interpretation of history.
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