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(The Literary) Luncheon on the Grass in August Lentz’s Garden. The Szczecin Spring of Poetry

  • Lentz Villa’s garden

Our luncheons on the grass, held in August Lentz’s garden, will be resumed after the winter and early spring break.
Last year, these open-air events in select company and attractive surroundings met with great interest among both Szczecin’s inhabitants and tourists visiting our city.

During our nearest luncheon on the grass, we will attempt to recreate the atmosphere of similar garden parties held in the late 19th century by the Lentz family. The event starts at 11 a.m. on 3rd June and will last until 3 p.m. Its final programme and details will be determined and provided, first and foremost, by the participants. We have planned numerous attractions, including a string quartet performance, the unveiling of a memorial tree in memory of Tadeusz Różewicz, a words-and-music spectacle titled ‘The Szczecin Spring of Poetry’, and promotion of the album Szczecin’s Architectural Heritage 1.1. Details and precise times with be announced soon.

We hope that our guests will delight us again with interesting items of clothing. This time, our leitmotif is the early 19th century . Wearers of the most interesting outfits will receive special awards.

Sweet snacks, whose taste will be enhanced by the fresh air and fantastic atmosphere, can be purchased on the spot. We also encourage you to use this opportunity to see the villa’s interiors as well as our permanent and temporary exhibitions.

Our master of ceremonies, Szczecin theatre actor Konrad Pawicki, who will (traditionally) impersonate the villa’s owner August Lentz, will entertain our guests and take care to uphold the pleasant atmosphere.

Please join us for this unique event.
(Literackie) Śniadanie na trawie w ogrodzie Augusta Lentza. Szczecińska Wiosna Poezji