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Wartości w kulturze

What is the place of feasts in culture? Ethics and cultural practice. Festive character of culture: Is culture a part of daily life, or a ‘special occasion’?

  • Lentz Villa
  • 03-10-2023, Tuesday, at 5:00 pm

‘Ethics and cultural practice’ is the title of a cycle of meetings held at the Lentz Villa as part of the ‘Values in Culture’ project carried out by our institution.
The aim of these meetings is to reflect on contemporary culture in a critical manner, to diagnose the causes of crisis in culture, and define the challenges we will need to face in the future world. The growing intensity of cultural wars, atomisation of life, and pauperisation of culture, as well as the climate crisis and pandemics – all pose an ever-increasing threat to life. What kind of culture do we need in order to respond to these threats? What are the chances for a cultural revival and for the emergence of new forms of culture in such constantly changing reality?

Meeting Four:

Festive character of culture: Is culture a part of daily life, or a ‘special occasion’?

A lecture by, and conversation with, Krzysztof Czyżewski.

The meeting host is Tomasz Dostatni, O.P.

Highly recommended.

Entry to this event is free.

Due to limited availability, please register by email:
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Wartości w kulturze. Czym jest święto w kulturze? Etyka i praktyka kultury. Odświętność: kultura na co dzień czy od święta?
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