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Jazz w Willi, Ikony kultury

Icons of Culture: Grzegorz Ciechowski. A Concert by Radosław Bolewski and Maciej Tubis

  • Willa Lentza
  • 16-03-2024, Saturday, at 8:00 pm -

On Saturday 16th March 2024 at 8 p.m., we invite you to the Lentz Villa for a concert by Radosław Bolewski (vocals, percussion) and Maciej Tubis (piano, bass synth). The duo plays music described as ‘a refined balance between jazz and pop in a daring improvised form’. The two excellent musicians (both graduates of the Łódź Academy of Music) will perform in our series ‘Jazz at the Villa’, presenting numbers from the repertoire of Republika band and Obywatel G.C.
The programme which the duo will perform in Szczecin comes from their CD Citizen Jazz, a homage to the charismatic singer-songwriter, composer, leader of the legendary band Republika. After the album’s release, both music lovers and critics emphasised that Ciechowski’s music ‘has found its fine incarnation in the work of other artists’. As the duo members often stress, ‘it is live concerts and interacting with the audience that give us […] most satisfaction. Listeners say we create so many sounds on the stage that a quartet would normally be needed to play all that…’ We hope that, after attending Bolewski & Tubis’ concert at the Lentz Villa, you will also agree with this claim.

Looking forward to having you there with us.
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Jazz w Willi. Ikony kultury. Grzegorz Ciechowski. Koncert Radosława Bolewskiego i Macieja Tubisa