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Wartości w kulturze

Inspiration and Moderation

  • Willa Lentza
  • 14-03-2024, Thursday, at 6:00 pm -
  • 15-03-2024, Friday, at 6:00 pm -

Two meetings held at the Lentz Villa on Thursday 14th and Friday 15th March 2024 as part of our cycle ‘Values in Culture’, will be dedicated respectively to INSPIRATION and MODERATION IN CULTURE. The project, already continuing for three years, explores the thesis that ‘every culture is based on values’ during invariably heated debates involving experts and the audience. This time, the meetings will revolve around Radek Kurzaj’s conversations with Kacper Kowalski.
On Thursday evening, the two interlocutors will explore the abstract concept of INSPIRATION, associated by philosophers with having the right mood and stimuli, but also a kind of strength and energy. The place of INSPIRATION IN CULTURE is thus the subject of Kowalski, Kurzaj, and our guests’ debate on Thursday 14th March.

On the following day, Friday 15th March, the discussion will revolve around MODERATION IN CULTURE. Moderation is, along with prudence, justice, and fortitude, one of the four cardinal virtues particularly valued by the ancients and constitutive of a person’s ethical life. Those present will be able to see whether the adversaries in our debate embrace Giorgios Kallis’ thesis presented in his book Limits: Why Malthus Was Wrong and Why Environmentalists Should Care that ‘We moderns have never needed a culture of limits as much as we do now’.

Another author who criticised the lack of moderation was Pope John Paul II, who argued in his encyclical Sollicitudo rei socialis that, rather than humans having control over objects, it is objects that are taking control of human life and beginning to direct it. The way we can counteract this is by practising the virtues of moderation and prudence.

These topics and interlocutors hold the promise of intriguing new debates in our ‘Values in Culture’ cycle.

We look forward to your participation in these events.

Entry is free of charge.

Due to limited number of seats, the offer is subject to availability, and participation must be confirmed by e-mail at:
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