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28.11.2023 –

Ryszard Wilk’s outdoor sculpture,consists of numerous brick-shaped modules with bas-reliefs and dynamic, variously shaped incisions. The work represents a world of impressions characterised by highly dynamic directedness and lights reflected against the glazed ceramic surfaces. This many-hued sculpture (with colours ranging from green to brown and violet) brings out an illusive interplay of forms, while the varying intensity of light and its reflections in the glazed ceramics contribute to the coloristic diversity.
A graduate of the Faculty of Sculpture at the State Higher School (now the Academy) of Fine Arts in Gdańsk (an honours degree from Alfred Wiśniowski’s studio), Professor Ryszard Wilk, D.F.A., Habil., was a lecturer on the faculty of Szczecin University of Technology for more than 30 years. Wilk was a co-founder of the WSSU Higher School of Functional Arts and the Szczecin Art Academy. He is a member of the ZPAP Association of Polish Artists and Designers and SARP Association of Polish Architects, the author of countless sculptures and multi-space ceramic installations. His works have been presented at several dozen individual and collective exhibitions in Poland and abroad. His invention, ‘a ceramic element of architectural structure or sculpture’, was patented (under no. 344124). Wilk’s artistic and academic achievements have been recognised with numerous accolades, such as the Medal of the National Education Commission (KEN), the Golden Cross of Merit, and the ‘Pro Arte’ Award of the Marshal of Zachodniopomorskie Province for outstanding contributions to culture.

Professor Wilk is also an honorary citizen of the town of Gozdnica – a title he received in recognition of his numerous architectural works and sculptures.

The exhibition is curated by Artur Malewski, D.F.A., and Dorota Tołłoczko-Femerling, PhD. The production manager is Rafał Bajena.
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