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Event coverage

Night of the Museums

It was crowded on Saturday, May 14, at the Lentz Villa. At 18:00, there was a performance by an excellent ensemble from Denmark – Rudersdal Kammersolister, who delighted the audience with a beautiful interpretation of the works of Scandinavian composers: Amanda Röntgen-Maier – Swedish violinist and composer, Edvard Grieg, an excellent Norwegian composer, pianist and conductor, as well as the Danish creator Carl Nielsen other six symphonies and two operas.
Before 20:00, crowds of participants of the Night of Museums started reaching the Lentz Villa. Our guests admired the interiors of the historic building and viewed the exhibitions. For the first time, they also saw a new addition to the villa – courtesy of Orange Polska and Poczta Polska, whose headquarters are located in Szczecin at al. Wyzwolenia 70 and the management of the facility, we presented an unusual surprise for the guests of the Lentz Villa – two beautiful figures of women dressed in characteristic shirts (so-called chitons), which were worn in ancient Greece. Women hold attributes in their hands that allow for unambiguous iconographic identification. The allegory of agriculture raises a sickle and a wreath of wheat above its head, and the other hand holds ripe ears. The allegory of fishing supports fishing nets and an oar behind its back. The sculptures of women were created in the famous ceramics factory Villeroy & Boch Merzig-Saar in 1883, precisely when the architectural concept of Villa Lentz was created.

The mapping 1888. The Illusion of Time made a significant impression on the audience. Artificial intelligence created a fantastic three-dimensional display combining light, image and sound on the palace's facade. Thanks to a modern approach to historical animation, the facade of the building was shown shining with many flashing particles, and the figures of the turn of the 20th century were brought to life. Bartosz Wójcicki and Pushka Studio, Mateusz Nowalany and Aram were responsible for preparing and implementing this unique show.

During the event, the film Szczecin Lentz Villa – Return to Splendour, directed by Małgorzata Frymus, was also shown. It documents the course of the renovation of the Lentz Villa carried out in 2018-2019.

It was a memorable evening for everyone and a night full of attractions!

Fotorelacja z 14 maja 2022

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