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Recital Janusza Olejniczaka - Chopin i Wielcy Romantycy w Willi Lentza. More...
Zapraszamy na kolejny koncert z cyklu AD ASTRA - już 31.03 o godzinie 19:00. More...
25.03 i 26.03 odbędą się trzy koncerty z cyklu IKONY KULTURY. More...
Szczecin Humanistyczny w Willi Lentza - już 23.03.2023 spotkanie z Janem Miodkiem! More...
Frida. Kolekcjonerka z Westendu - premiera! More...
Finisaż wystawy Wprawka. Report
Artystyczne rodziny dawnego Szczecina 1.0. Report

Mapping of the Lentz Villa – The Illusion of Time

The mapping prepared especially for the inauguration was presented on the facade of the building. The animation creators used the number 1888 in the presentation, referring at the same time to the year when the concept of building the residence was created. Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, writers, painters and scientists from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries were recalled. The facade of the Lentz Villa in the finale changed into flashing particles, from which the animated silhouette of the host – August Lentz, emerged, as well as the number 1888 closing the whole show.

Photo coverage from June 11th, 2021 - Mapping 3D

fot. Live Frames Production
fot. Live Frames Production
fot. Live Frames Production
fot. Live Frames Production
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