Event coverage

Saturday at Lentz Villa

On Saturday, September 25, we were visited by the en plein-air and discussion panel participants.
The artistic en plein-air attracted new participants. The discussion panel within the "Values in Culture" series, devoted to MEMORY IN CULTURE led by Michał Dębowski, was attended by, among others, Rafal Bajena, Grzegorz Czarnecki, Dariusz Koronczewski, Agnieszka Kuchcińska – Kurcz, Kalina Kukiełko-Rogozińska, Andrzej Łazowski, Paweł Migdalski, Monika Szymanik.

We would like to thank all participants.

Another Saturday filled with meetings organized as part of the presented series will be held on October 30 2021.

The program will soon be available.

Photo coverage from September 25, 2021

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