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Voting in plebiscite

Amber Ring 2021

  • The performance of "1888. The Villa of Love"
  • Arkadiusz Buszko, for his role in the performance of "1888. Villa of Love"

In the plebiscite "Amber Ring" (Bursztynowy Pierścień) for the best performance and actor of the 2020/2021 artistic season, there are, among the nominees, the play entitled "1888. Willa miłość" – prepared for the inauguration of the Lentz Villa and Arkadiusz Buszko, who performed one of the leading roles. "Amber Ring" has been organized by Kurier Szczeciński and Friends of Szczecin Society since 1965.
We believe that by sharing the jurors' choice, you would like to cast your vote for the performance "1888. Villa of Love". You can do this by sending a text message to 7248 with the following in the message content: AMBER.33). To vote for A. Buszko, send a text message to 7248 with the following in the message content: AMBER.3).

The cost of one message is PLN 2.46, including VAT.

Voting will take place in two stages. The first stage will end on November 1st. Ten artists and ten performances with the most votes will qualify for the second stage. We will know the finalists soon.

Thank you, and congratulations to all Creators and Artists!

Read more in Polish: 5-cbigkWRBczyZx-yU-oQO1B4DQOt7RGEZgj VC8x4

We invite you to the next performances of the play "1888. Villa of Love" at the Lentz Villa on: 18.10, 8.11, 22.11.2021.
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