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  • 13-03-2022, Sunday, at 7:00 pm -
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Aleksander Różanek

In the monodrama by Marcel Mithois


director: Zurab Pirveli
arrangements: Gustaw Miłoszewski

A concert of the big star is about to take place, but instead of him, his accompanist appears on stage and announces that...
On March 11, 12, 13 and 14, 2022 (at 19:00), the premiere screenings of the second production – after the performance "1888. Villa of Love"- will take place at the Lentz Villa. This time, we will present a monodrama by Marcel Mithois entitled "Accompanist", performed by Aleksander Różanek, directed by Zurab Pirveli and arranged by Gustaw Miłoszewski.

The play introduces the audience to the consequences of a man's behaviour who, in the modern world, tries to gain popularity by all means. It also exposes today's ubiquitous problem related to the public's interest in sensational events and activities.

We cordially invite you.
  • 11.03 – pre-premiere screening
  • 12.03 – premiere
  • 13.03 – performance
  • 14.03 – performance

Zurab Pirveli

Georgian actor, singer and longtime lecturer at the State Institute of Theatre and Film Arts in Tbilisi. He has performed on stages in France, Georgia and Poland. At the Euro-Asia festival in London (ECG Film Festival in London – 2019), he received the award for the best male role in a French production film entitled Behind The Doors.

Marcel Mithois (1922-1982)

French journalist, novelist, playwright and screenwriter, author of, among others the famous plays "Croque-monsieur" (1964) and "Coup de soleil" (1982). He is also the writer of the television series "Les Quatre Cents Coups de Virginie" (1979), based on his column in the news magazine "Jours de France".


Aleksander Różanek

Actor of the Polish Theater in Szczecin, composer, songwriter, organiser of the "Akustyczeń" Festival in Szczecin. He made his stage debut in the duo drama "Fumum Vendere" (2010, directed by A. Biziuk). The performance was created in cooperation with the Pleciuga Puppet Theater in Szczecin and the K. Dejmek New Theatre in Łódź and the Białystok Puppet Theatre.

In the years 2009-2019, he performed in the play "Pinocchio" (directed by K. Dworakowski), at the Teatr Lalki i Aktora Pinokio in Łódź. From 2013, he was a guest star in the performances of the Polish Theater in Szczecin – including "Russian Night" and "Magic of the Clouds" (directed by A. Opatowicz). In 2017, he joined the artistic team of this theatre for good.

The co-founder of the Chorzy musical group has released four original albums. Hw is an author of many songs written for Piotr Cugowski and Bubliczki.

The laureate of the International Festival "Lalka Też Człowiek" (2010) and "Srebrna Ostroga". He is a two-time nominee to an acting award, "Amber Ring".